Designer Non-Exclusive Agreement



This form serves as an agreement for Ignitd LLC to utilize the listed designer’s works for print (both apparel and canvas).


Designer agrees to license any designs submitted to Ignitd LLC from the time of submission until an indefinite amount of time *or* when the designer formally requests the withdrawal of the given design. Each submitted design may be utilized for present and future channels for print and sale. The submitted design may also be used for promotional purposes on both digital and print media.


In exchange for any submitted design, the designer will receive ten percent commission on revenue for each item sold on any official Ignitd LLC sales channels (including but not limited to: the official Ignitd Tees website, Amazon, Etsy, EBay and others) with the referenced design.


Ignitd LLC reserves the right to terminate any and all partnerships at any given time for any given reason. Ignitd LLC also reserves the right to remove any submitted designs from our roster without expressed approval. Finally, Ignitd LLC reserves the right to refuse any submitted designs for any given reason.


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