Our story began in 2009, when co-founders Caleb Lewis and Ryan Nisbeth started a t-shirt company named “Trinitees” in high school with their childhood friend, Chris John. We had no money, few resources, and very little experience…but we had a love for graphic tees and a desire to make our own in order to share our faith with others. Unfortunately, this was not enough to keep a business sustainable for very long.

Fast-forward ten years later, many were still talking about those same designs we created. With every inquiry we received, that desire began to rekindle. In a world that’s pushing for identity of self, we want to use our apparel and our platform to show where one’s identity can truly be found: in Jesus. We’re for those who want to show others that there’s not only a better way to live, but also that those who believe shouldn’t hide their faith. It’s time to be the salt and light we’ve been called to be. To light up the world and stay lit 🔥

Of the many ways we express ourselves socially, one of the most common forms of expression is through apparel. In addition to that, graphic apparel is constantly used to make statements both humorous and bold. We aspire to be the brand of choice for both sides; to give others a means of expressing themselves and their passion before they even begin to use their voice. Why? Cause actions speak louder than words.

Our team of designers are free to take what inspires them and gives them either joy or confidence, and channel that into their graphic works. The end result could be highly complex, or incredibly minimal. No matter what it is, we put our heart, soul and right foot into every design we release. From there, it’s all about the product. We ensure that our finished products are both visually expressive and built for comfort and quality to give you what you deserve: a definitive piece to add to your wardrobe.

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